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What is Sinarm?

Each company in some way keeps records in the fields of occupational safety, fire safety and environmental protection and monitors and manages deadlines. In doing so, some have data in their heads, others in notebooks or in electronic tables (e.g. Excel). All of the above represents the ZNR ZOP and PDO management and monitoring system, but the question is how well it accompanies your work or the work of your service. Since each of the above approaches has drawbacks, we have developed a comprehensive, high-quality and useful solution. Sinarm program.

Keeping records of employees

re-alivening records
records of the protective agents in charge
to-do logs
records of systematic, medical and other examinations
making a Ra-1 referral
Create and print or applications
production and printing of Oir 1, Oir 2 reports
production and printing of Cardboard records (Ek1/2/3)
preparation and printing of the Annual Injury Report

Keeping records of machines

production and printing of Cardboard records (Ek4)
Keeping records of installations

Keeping records of the work environment

production and printing of Record charts (Ek5)

Keeping records of fire extinguishers

records of regular, check-ups and periodic service