Computer program Sinarm

Improve organisation, recording and planning of occupational safety, fire safety and environmental protection and comply with legislation. The Sinarm software solution contains all the necessary records from occupational safety, fire safety and environmental protection in one place.

Manage deadlines

All deadlines for this default appointment are combined in one place with the ability to create reminders.

Centralization of documents

All created or attached documents are stored in one place, making them more easily accessible and better organized.

Reports and prescribed documentation

In just a few mouse clicks through the program, it is possible to create prescribed forms, stationery, evidence records and create predefined reports or create reports according to your own parameters for each organizational unit or the entire company.

Define Privileges

Work in the program is possible from different locations for one or more users with a detailed adjustment of access rights.

Data Integration

All records that are in digital form can be integrated into the program or connect Sinarm to the existing personnel program.

Running multiple companies

Records for multiple companies can be kept in one program.

Sinarm was recognized by successful companies as for example: