About Us

web IT d.o.o.

About Us

The company web IT d.o.o. was founded in Osijek in 2000 and has been following the latest trends in the world of IT ever since. People employed in web IT combine expertise in the fields of economics, marketing, software creation based on analysis of clients' business processes, internet solutions and other spheres of information technology.

Web IT d.o.o. employs experts in information and communication technologies as well as external associates for the purpose of applying industry-specific knowledge and competences. We put the latest technologies into practice to help our customers with their day-to-day operations.

We possess extensive experience in developing and implementing business solutions that we have acquired in many years of cooperation with business partners. We can single out many years of cooperation with the largest cable operator in Croatia B.net d.o.o. , as well as the development and implementation of the entire business solution of the company Institute for Security Improvement d.d. Osijek.

Among other activities, the company has a hardware department, whose top experts perfectly combine knowledge and experience in solving the most complex tasks, both in servicing equipment and in building computer networks, VOIP technologies, implementation and configuration of all types of servers. We are pleased to mention that we are an authorized IBM and Lenovo service, and that we are long-term partners with the world's largest corporations in the field of informatics: IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Xerox, Intel, Cisco, Kyocera, Axis.

We strive to forge long-standing relationships with our clients and partners, based on excellence, knowledge and trust. By creating and following everyday changes and trends related to our competencies, we strive to always be the first to create and offer the freshest solutions to clients. Creating long-term values to the highest standards for our clients is a central part of our business.