Computer Service

In addition to other activities, our IT experts service, install and configure computers (computer service), computer equipment, laptops, printers, network equipment (routers, switches, access points, etc.) ...

With usage of specialized tools, computer service includes:

  • Diagnosing all types of failures and assessing repairs
  • Recommendations and tips in upgrading and reinforcing computers
  • "Reviving" completely "dead" computers and equipment
  • Replacement of defective components and devices and installation of new
  • Configuration of the system and test settings
  • Optimizing the operation of computers and programs
  • Reinstalling and resolving all program-related issues
  • Antivirus protection and verification of functionality of the same
  • Setting and tweaking all types of Internet settings
  • Installation and testing new components
  • Overclocking and cooling improvement (peltier, watercool)
  • Repurposing your computer and environment according to new needs
  • Backup Organization
  • Recovering data from damaged hard drives (HDDs)
  • etc.

If needed, the client can also be contracted to constantly maintain computer and computer equipment according to his needs, and this brings certain advantages.