Contract maintenance of computer equipment

Why choose web IT to maintain computer equipment?

Engaging web IT is a far more profitable move for the client's company for a number of reasons:

  • The monthly maintenance fee of web IT is many times less than the cost that would be incurred by employing an appropriate number of IT specialists in the client's company itself
  • The knowledge and know-how accumulated in web IT over the years of experience are a guarantee that any problem will be solved quickly and efficiently
  • Availability of equipment and spare parts result from web IT partnership with the world's top hardware and software manufacturers
  • Relaxation in everyday work due to the knowledge that you can always rely on web IT that any difficulties will be eliminated
  • Troubleshooting as soon as possible, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Consultations for improvements in accordance with the needs and capabilities of clients based on web IT knowledge and experience

What does computer equipment maintenance involve?

For each client, we separately arrange maintenance items according to his actual needs and wishes. In most cases, the maintenance of computers and computer equipment includes:

  • Opening new and maintaining existing email accounts
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of Internet connection usage
  • "Quick Response" - quick and efficient online troubleshooting from a remote location
  • Installation and configuring peripherals
  • Installation and configuring necessary applications at individual workstations
  • Exit to the field as soon as possible in case of failures
  • Assistance service – support from 08:00 to 18:00 by telephone «Help – Desk».
  • Tips (consulting) regarding possible improvements on network equipment, computers, peripheral equipment, and servers
  • Operation of repairers in the service or at the client's location due to the service fixing of faults caused by hardware equipment (diagnosing failures, troubleshooting faults by replacing defective parts or tuning equipment, etc.)
  • Manipulative services related to the supply of replacement parts (ordering, downloading, etc.)
  • Preventive inspection of equipment in accordance with the Term Plan
  • Small consumables consumed in servicing
  • Organizing backup (safety copies) of data on servers and workstations