Internet hosting

If you own a website or are in the process of creating one, you certainly need a server where those pages will be located. Therefore, one of the services that web IT provides you is Internet hosting.

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What is Internet hosting and what are Internet domains?

Just as you have your own house or apartment, your website needs accommodation. In addition to your physical location (server or server), you also need an Internet domain (address) or a name to identify your website.

In the simplest terms: Internet hosting is the physical accommodation of your sites, and the Internet domain is the address with which to get to your pages.

In addition to the Internet domain, and Internet hosting, there is another important term: e-mail or electronic mail. After registering an Internet domain (you have an address) and renting space on an Internet server (Internet hosting, you also own a physical location) you can embark on a new dimension of communication and business – e-mail address.

There are multiple types of domains, and the most common types you may encounter are:

*.hr domain:
All citizens of the Republic of Croatia (as physical people) have the right to register the Internet domain of the form or free of charge.
Legal entities are also entitled to one Internet domain registration free of charge, as a rule that the name of the Internet domain is not too different from that of a company or craft or possibly describes the activity of a company or craft (e.g.

All legal and physical people have the right to register a domain of any name for a fee of HRK 180 (including VAT) per year.

*.com, *.net, *.org, *.biz, and *.info domains:
All legal and physical people also have the right to register commercial Internet domains of forms of (.net, .org, .biz or .info) for a maximum of one or two years provided that the internet domain name is free (if someone had not already registered it before you) for an annual fee of HRK 100.00 (including VAT).