Why choose us for SEO of your website?

  • We are conducting a fully transparent process
  • We have a holistic approach to SEO optimization
  • We design long-term strategies
  • We produce detailed reports to clients
  • We tailor unique campaigns to your needs
  • We follow the newest of trends and technologies in Internet marketing

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SEO optimization

The only SEO strategy to be implemented is one that is adapted for your website and includes new and safe ranking methods. Search engines often update their algorithms, posing a major risk to sites that don't apply this practice of optimization. They can lose positions and even be penalized and removed from search engine results.
Our practice is the explicit application of safe and permissible methods of SEO optimization, which does not pose a risk of penalized and de-indexing of our clients' websites. You can read more about the methods we use below.

Technical Inspection

It is very important to have a technically correct website, both for SEO and user experience. All subpages must be accessible to search engines in order for them to be indexed, otherwise further optimization has no purpose. Some of the important technical characteristics are page load speed, folder structure on the server, analysis of CSS and javascript files, etc.
We will make a complete technical overview of the site for you and see similar problems that could prevent your site from achieving high positions in search engines. Our team can fix any technical problem on your website.

Keyword and competition analysis

We possess the knowledge and experience, but also a number of tools that help us perform a quality analysis of keywords, i.e. establish phrases that will bring you a large amount of targeted traffic. Users who visit your site will be interested in your service or product.
Selected keywords will be further analyzed and the strength of the competition and the amount of resources that need to beat the same will be established. Your opinion is very important to us, and we will analyze the selected keywords together to make a final list that will serve as the basis for SEO optimization.

ON-Site Optimization

Full on-site optimization means updating content on all subpages depending on the keywords selected. Our experts will complement users with invisible content (meta tags and attributes) and suggest updating visible content for the best possible optimization. Our team will see and propose opportunities to create additional content relevant to your niche.
This is a very important step in the optimization process, and it is confirmed by the official position of the browser, which is that webmasters just need to take care of their content and algorithms will evaluate which site is most relevant to the user and will display it at the top of the searches.

Analysis of existing and creation of new links

The full assessment of the structure of existing links to your site, as well as the analysis of the competitor links, provides information on additional actions that are necessary in this area. We will provide you with detailed and valuable information such as: ratio of links to home and other pages, anchor text, sources, etc.
Together with you, we find new sources that are relevant and related to the niche you are in and structurally build links that will contribute to strengthening the site and better positioning. By creating additional content on the Internet, we round up the story of your business or brand and get the opportunity to create additional links that contribute to Off-site SEO optimization.

Social networks

Social media activity becomes an important factor in the ranking of the website and becomes an indispensable activity in the overall SEO optimization. An effective social media campaign consists of a number of elements that can contribute value to the site.
We can design and implement a social media strategy that will be integrated into other parts of the optimization we do for you.

SEO for local business

If you do business in a local area and your clients are located in a particular city or county, we will adapt the SEO strategy to local searches. This way, your site can appear above strong brands and large companies in the search engine because Google prefers local results. This method of optimization is very useful in mobile searches.

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